Swedish Massage/ Prenatal Massage

30 minutes — $55

60 minutes — $80

75 minutes — $105

90 minutes — $115

VIVA massage promotes awareness and in depth acknowledgement of your body
by touch and self-reflection.
This treatment is recommended during periods of mourning, stress and rehabilitation. This treatment is for people who experience a high level of emotion, people with sleeping disorders and / or stress, an emotional shock.
A massage that allows you to meditate and live in a moment of inner peace.

90 minutes — $125

This technique allows to stimulate, by a soft touch, 32 points located on the head,
connecting the "Bars" (activation of symmetrical points). The Bars Access is not a therapy or a treatment, it enables you to let go.
It is ideal for reducing the level of stress, the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Being able of letting go quickly, freeing you from fears, habits,concerns and negative memories, optimizing motivation, alertness and creativity, expanding your possibilities and opening up to a diversity of life choices in different areas such as money, creativity, communication etc ...
60 minutes — $105


Aroma Body Polish  $75

This 60 minutes treatment incorporates the benefits of Aveda essential oils into a moisturizing massage that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Also includes a full-body exfoliation offering the therapeutic benefits of marine elements such as Dead Sea salts and skin-conditioning oils.

Aveda Essential Back Treatment  $80

Perfect if you have skin imperfections on your back or for a special occasion, this 60 minutes back treatment will focus on exfoliation, the extraction (if desired) of impurities, a mask and a back massage.

Chakra™ Balancing Treatment   $85

The Chakra™ Balancing treatment is an innovative treatment that focuses on the body's 7 energy centers (chakras). The treatment features the Aveda Chakra™ Balancing blends with massage techniques, reflexology, visualization and guided meditation. Benefits include stress relief, reduced muscular tension and increased energy. (60 minutes)

Aroma Body Wrap  $85

This pampering treatment starts by a dry body exfoliation, followed by a seaweed mask back application, scalp and face rituals, foot reflexology and a body effleurage with a personalized aromatic oil blend. (60 minutes) 

Tonic refreshing body wrap — $60

A refreshing and energizing 45 minutes treatment done with our Rosemary-Mint line. The treatment includes a dry body exfoliation, a foot massage and a hydrating and fresh mask. It’s perfect for summer, fatigue and jet-lag.

Cancellation policy for a massage therapy service:

For the reservation of a first appointment, a credit card number will be
requested. Within a period of less than 24 hours, cancellation will
result in a 50% fee for the service. However if the appointment is moved
within the next 6 business days no charges will be charged.