make up and lessons – starting at

Makeup for any occasions — $50

Express Makeup  — $30

Wedding Makeup Trial — $65

Wedding Makeup — $75

Personalized Makeup Lessons
The perfect session to learn how to accentuate your best features according to your unique physical attributes and colour palette. You'll practice what you learned by finishing the makeup application on the other side of your face under the supervision of a professional makeup artist.

One person (2 hours) — $130

Two people (2 x 90 min) — $230


Brow tinting enhances the deep and tone of brows. It’s ideal for blonds, red heads and people with light eyes. These services are recommended for people with busy lives, vacation time, and swimmers.   

Brow Tint: brown, black — $20  

False Eye Lashes Application (15 minutes)

False Eye Lashes Application (included) — $20   

False Eye Lashes Application (not included) — $15  

False Eye Lashes Half-Application (included) — $15  

False Eye Lashes Half-Application (not included) — $10  

 Cancellation Policy for Spa Service:

For the reservation of a first appointment, a credit card number will be
requested. If the cancellation is made within a period of less than 24
hours, it will result in a 30% service charge.